So How Are You Going to Pay for It?

So How Are You Going to Pay for It?

Peyton had lost his job. His health insurance would end at the end of the year and he was now middle aged. He needed some preventive tests done and thought he could get them done before he tried to get on another insurance plan. He wasn’t really sure what he was going to accomplish but his wife had encouraged him to get checked out. His former employer actually had a better plan than most of his neighbors. He was trying to work some odd jobs to keep some money rolling in as an independent contractor but knew this would not be a stethoscope

The insurance company was surprisingly helpful. They said his insurance was good until December 31stand he went ahead and made the appointments. He never liked handouts and never liked debt. He had a very modest home with his wife and child but it was completely paid for. He thanked his Mom for drilling in the no debt idea into his head. He just kept paying on his house until it was paid for in less than 15 years. Now he still had payments- insurance, food, clothing, taxes, school fees. He had put some money away but he was burning through it quickly.

He did OK on his physical but the doctor said he was chunky and his BMI (body mass index) was too high. He replied- “You’re just saying I’m fat, doc!” The doctor just smiled. He was sent for colonoscopy. During the procedure 3 polyps were removed. He was very glad he had the colonoscopy- one less thing to worry about. He didn’t know why but he felt a lot better getting these blood tests and exams done…. especially since his insurance was still paying for them. His insurance was good now; but after the insurance was gone, medical bills would accumulate that he couldn’t even afford. One bill said his visit was $700.00 but he only owed $25. He was really going to miss that insurance card.


Key Suggestions


  1. If your deductible is paid up, you should go ahead and have any expensive procedures and labs done before the end of the year and save thousands of dollars.
  2. If your insurance is going to run out, take advantage of it before it does so you can still postpone procedures next year you probably can’t afford.
  3. With economic turmoil quickly accelerating take advantage of what benefits you have as soon as possible.

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