At Sullivan Digestive Center, we do not want financial hardship to come between you and appropriate care. If you find yourself in financial difficulties, please call our billing office to arrange a method of payment.

All co-payments are due at the time of your visit. We will ask you to verify your current address and insurance information at the time of each visit.

Please remember that some insurance companies require a referral or prior authorization from your primary care provider. Unfortunately, we cannot see you without a valid referral, so please check with your insurance provider to see if a referral is required.

Please be advised that when you have a procedure performed you will receive three separate bills, each will have the same account number. You will receive one bill for the professional services rendered by the physician who will be performing your procedure. You will also receive a bill from the Sullivan Digestive Center which is the facility charge for your procedure. Lastly, you will receive a bill from your anesthesia provider for services provided by the anesthesia care team. Please contact our office for questions regarding any of these services.

If biopsies are performed during your procedure or blood tests are performed, these specimens are sent to outside laboratories for processing. Depending on what your insurance pays, you may receive a bill from the outside laboratory for their services. Please direct questions regarding these charges directly to the individual laboratory.

These charges are similar to the charge you would receive if your procedure had been performed in the hospital. Please be advised it is the patient’s responsibility to make sure that any procedure you are having is a covered benefit.

We will submit all charges to your insurance company for you and wait for their payment. After that payment has been received you will receive a statement of your account showing the amount due, per your insurance company.

If you need to make arrangements to pay off the balance, we will be happy to assist you with a payment plan. We do not charge finance charges or late fees, therefore we request that a payment be made to all accounts on a regular basis. If you are unable to make a scheduled payment, please call us so that you will not receive a collection letter.

We also accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard to make payments, or if you wish, to pay the balance of the account.

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